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    The Internet Computer is a revolutionary blockchain that hosts unlimited data and computation on-chain. Easily build scalable dapps, DeFi, websites, and more.

  • Jocelyn Ragukonis

    Jocelyn Ragukonis

    Founder & CEO of Bira.ai, a smart baby monitor that collects and analyzes data about babies’ health. Masters student in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

  • Veronika Myshkina

    Veronika Myshkina

  • Diana Rosado

    Diana Rosado

    Co-Founder of Imagication

  • Erin Kreis

    Erin Kreis

  • Seray


    Building teen confidence without breaking the bank!

  • Tir One

    Tir One

    Our mission is to eliminate the “one size fits all” approach to education.

  • FitAll180


    Acutiee a weight loss solution like nothing you have tried before.

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